The only thing that changes is your hearing

with the near-invisible Silk Charge&Go IX

Meet Silk Charge&Go IX – a tiny hearing aid that makes
a big difference in every conversation.

No more straining to hear speech above background noise

Why choose
Silk Charge&Go IX?

Silk Charge&Go IX, a tiny, snug hearing aid, goes unnoticed while offering advanced noise-cancellation technology. Designed for comfort, ease of use, and recharging, it fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and is controllable via a smartphone app.
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4 reasons to choose Silk Charge&GoIX


Experience the satisfaction of a near-invisible device that’s ready to wear and improve your hearing from day one.

All-day power

Enjoy the convenience of a rechargeable battery that powers your hearing all day. Plus, the case offers charging on-the-go.

Focus on what matters

It’s a tiny hearing aid that makes a big difference in every conversation.

Personalized control

Fine-tune your hearing aids to suit your unique hearing preferences with a user-friendly app.

Want to hear the difference for yourself?

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Seamless hearing with discretion

Charge anytime, anywhere.

Take your hearing aids on the move with a pocket-sized wireless charging case that can provide up to 3 additional charges.

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Discretion with style

  • Available in two colors, mocha and black
  • Soft textured surface to avoid reflections for added discretion
  • Access controls through the Signia app or a miniPocket remote control



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