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If you have not attended our clinic before, an initial consultation must be booked, after diagnosis you can use the online booking tool to select your treatment of choice. If you are booking within two weeks of your initial consultation, the £70.00 consultation fee will be deducted from your procedure cost. If we are unable to accommodate an appointment for you within 2 weeks, we will extend the refundable consultation fee for a further 2 weeks (or to the next available appointment)

If you are unavailable for two weeks, no extension of the refundable consultation fee will be given.

Follow up consultations are required for patients who:

​.         Attended an initial appointment and was diagnosed but didn’t proceed with the treatment within 3 months.

·         For patients who wish to attend following a procedure for a routine check-up. This is for peace of mind and is not usually required. For urgent concerns or issues, please do not book this way.  Refer to the Stitches & Aftercare section.

·         For treatments which require multiple appointments, for example cryotherapy. If you have booked a further appointment, but no procedure is required you will be charged for a follow up consultation and not the cost of the procedure. If you have paid for the procedure in full before-hand, you will be refunded on the day the sum you paid minus the £40.00 consultation fee.


The cost of the procedure or consultation must be paid for in full before your appointment. This can be done via online booking on our website. If you only pay the deposit on the website, the remaining amount can be paid on the day of your appointment by cash or card.

If you intend to pay with cash on the day, please make sure you have the appropriate amount as cash/change is not always held on site.

​If you are not paying for your procedure in full, a deposit fee is to be paid to secure your appointment. Once your payment has been received we will send you a confirmation email or text (dependant on your preference). If your payment is not received within 48 hours and we haven’t sent you a confirmation email/text your appointment slot may be re-advertised.

Lateness, Non-Attendance and Cancellations

​We ask that you arrive to your appointment at least 10 minutes early, especially if you still need to pay a remaining balance. We understand that this is not always possible however please be aware that if you are late for your appointment your procedure/consultation may be cancelled as to not impact following appointments. If your appointment is cancelled due to you arriving late, the cost of your procedure minus the deposit will be refunded.

​Please note; late for your appointment is defined as exactly 5 minutes after your appointment time.

There is no leniency or exceptions to this in order to provide a uniform and fair policy for all patients.

​If you do not attend your appointment, and do not provide any notification to us that you will not be arriving, all sums of money which you have paid will not be refunded. For any cancellations we will provide you with a confirmation email or text (dependent on your preference) notifying that we have received your cancellation,

If you do not receive this confirmation text or email and we have it noted that you did not attend. You will not be entitled to any refund of your sums paid. It is your responsibility to ensure that the company is notified when you cannot attend your appointment and to ensure that you have received confirmation that your appointment has been cancelled.

If you need to cancel your appointment, providing that you give us 2 working days’ notice (Monday-Friday) 100% of the funds paid will be refunded. If you do not provide 2 working days’ notice, your deposit will not be refunded. If you have paid for your procedure/consultation in full you will be refunded the amount minus your deposit.

If you proceed with booking an appointment it is assumed you have read the above information and are happy to comply with the protocols outlined.

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